The man who says he was stabbed by Mario Woods on December 2nd just hours before Woods' death in a hail of police gunfire tells ABC 7 he'd never seen his attacker before that fateful day.

The victim of Woods' alleged violence has not publicly disclosed his identity and appears to want his involvement in the matter kept to a minimum. By his account, he was in a car with two female friends and one of their children when a man he believes to have been Woods approached.

"He looked like he was agitated about something and paranoid," the man says. "Mario started walking back and forth, started yelling stuff to us. He tries to open my car door and out of defense [I shoved the door at him] -- I already knew he had a knife on him. After a few blows were exchanged between him and me, I got stabbed in the arm."

A toxicology report for Woods has not yet been released.

The stabbing victim says he didn't call the police — a matter upon which he is insistent for fear of misplaced retribution. "I'm not even the one who called police," he says, "I'm the one who went to the hospital. That's the only thing I did."

The incident has left him with nerve damage and panic attacks.

"I'm looking at this, I'm a victim of this whole situation and I haven't heard anything from the supervisors even acknowledging the fact that, you know, whatever happened," he added.

When Woods' alleged victim arrived at the hospital, SF General, a sheriff's deputy made a report and a witness to the stabbing pointed out Woods in the Bayview.

It's from there that we're familiar with the rest of Woods' story — one that is still unfinished, as investigations into the Police Department's use of force to shoot and kill Woods are ongoing.

Despite his situation, the alleged stabbing victim feels the pain that Woods' death has caused. "I'd just like to say to Ms. Woods, my heart goes out to you," he said, adding that he would like to meet her at a later time, when each is ready.

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