All Stewart Alsop wanted was a Tesla Model X, and is that so much for a venture capitalist to ask?

No, he didn't want to wait for it, and now he'd better not hold his breath. In fact, Alsop's perceived impatience has landed him in hot water with Tesla CEO and billionaire science wizard Elon Musk — not, I would imagine, a great place to be.

After his dissatisfaction with a Tesla Model X launch event, Aslop took to vanity publishing platform Medium dot com, identifying his profession while also indicating that he is a "#foodie" and likes "#flyfishing,"

It’s bad enough that your event producers couldn’t actually produce an event — the so-called Model X Launch Event. Starting a 7:00pm event at 8:50pm is simply unacceptable, particularly when the invited guests are actually your customers! But for you to stand up at 8:52pm and not even acknowledge that you have wasted your own customers’ time was insensitive and poor judgement.

Now, the Guardian reports that the Model X has been delayed not by hours but years, and that many customers like Alsop are frustrated.

Judging by a followup post titled "Banned by Tesla," Musk called Alsop and canceled his order.

"[the] end result is that you have decided that I can't own one of your cars, and I am terribly disappointed."

I think we are all a little sad for you both, guys.

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