From traffic concerns to easily-vandalized signage, SB50 has caused it's fair share of controversy. It's easy to complain on the outside looking in, but I think we can agree those burdens would seem itty-bitty if you could actually watch the Big Game in person. Getting you in the stadium for reals among thousands of fans and millions of viewers is exactly what San José Mineta International Airport (SJC) is looking to do.

SJC is awarding one lucky winner two tickets to SB50 who participates in their clever and subversive #UnofficialMoments campaign. SJC has decided to become the #unofficial airport sponsor of the S**** B*** due to it's proximity to Levi's Stadium, and wants you to get in on the fun by posting your own #UnofficialMoments. They can range from dressing your niece up as the #unofficial mascot, hosting the #unofficial barbecue, mixing up the #unofficial cocktail to literally anything else that isn't officially sanctioned by the NFL. All you have to do is have a little fun and toss proof of it up on social media while using either #UnofficialMoments or #SJCTheUnofficial hashtags.

Attending the year's biggest event in sports is sure to excite, delight, (probably) overwhelm and (definitely) be a hell of a story. Especially if you got in FOR FREE based off a couple clever tweets. Check out the official landing page for another chance to enter and check out your competition. The drawing closes tomorrow at 9am so get to posting!

This post is brought to you by San José Mineta International Airport