Fans of the sweet potato tots, crawshrimp grits, pork fries, beef and bacon burger, and delicious chicken drums at the Lower Haight's Rickybobby will be sad to know that the restaurant shuttered for good on Saturday.

We heard in December that the place had gone on the market, and now in the doldrums of the restaurant season, just as January is over, Hoodline gets the official word from co-owner and co-chef James Moisey.

The place was pretty steadily popular throughout its three years, drawing hungry, waitlist-only crowds for its thoroughly unhealthy but delicious dude food — also it could be called stoner food. Moisey and partner Shane LaValley had first made a name for themselves serving similar stuff at Broken Record, a bar out in Crocker-Amazon, until opening this spot at Haight and Webster in late 2012, and quickly earned raves even from the Chronicle for their "inspired bar food."

But in the end perhaps the economics of such a small restaurant didn't work out, and Moisey put the business and beer-and-wine license on the market in December.

If the place went ahead and closed before month-end, that makes it sound like maybe a buyer is in place, but there's no word on what will be next for the space at 400 Haight.

Update: Eater gets word that the reason for the closure was, very simply, a 50 percent rent hike.