What appeared to be a single team bus fender-bender yesterday was actually a three-fer, with a trio of Broncos' buses colliding.

As NBC Bay Area reports, one California Highway Patrol officer providing an escort for the Super Bowl-bound team's phalanx on motorcycle was clipped by one of the buses. As a precautionary measure, that officer was transported to the hospital with minor injuries according to the Mercury News.

The motorcade was ferrying the Broncos from practice back to their hotel when the convoy's collision took place near Sunnyvale on the 101 at around 3 p.m. Monday.

CHP officials are blaming the incident on a driver who allegedly swerved and cut off the motorcade in a Toyota RAV 4. Per the officers, the driver's "unsafe turning movement" made it such that only the front two cars in the convoy could avoid collision. The three buses following bumped into one another, and two were relatively unscathed while one was disabled and towed from the scene.

“I don’t know how many buses crashed, but one was bad,” Demaryius Thomas, a wide receiver, told the New York Post. “I had my head down and next thing I see is we’re on the side of the road. The good thing is everyone is healthy.”

In his statement, quarterback Peyton Manning stayed on-brand and on-message. “It was kind of an exciting bus ride today... We got in a wreck on our bus today. That was exciting. It kind of adds to the unique season that has occurred this year.”

Later this evening, players are scheduled to attend an Opening Ceremony for Super Bowl 50 at San Jose's SAP Center. As for getting them there? Replacing that third vehicle shouldn't be an issue. The Bay Area has plenty of shuttle buses.

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