You guys, I'm calling it: Super Bowl 50 is cursed. Some of it is our own doing: We, after all, elected the folks that got us a shittier financial deal than Santa Clara (of all places), and it's presumably one of us who is defacing the event's signs.

But then there's, like, this horrible apartment for rent, and all the shenanigans around this huge ad, and these execrable balls, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers? These assy Clipper cards?

Events are aligning, my friends. There is too much bad mojo for this thing to hold together, and the universe just gave us one last sign that all is unwell.

No, not locusts or rivers running with blood (though, we do still have over a week to go!). Instead, the celestial signal was sent when NFL ground crews at Levi's Stadium painted both end zones with the Broncos logo, WWLTV reports, basically the Super Bowl equivalent of the two-headed animal born as a harbinger of doom.

That the field was a Broncos-themed Cerebrus is especially auspicious, I'll also note. Despite the Broncos' insanely adorable mascot, everyone (even freakin' basketball players) knows the Panthers have this one in the bag.

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