Well that didn't take long. As you no doubt know, the south side of Dolores Park reopened yesterday morning — marking the first time in two years that the entire park has been open to the public. The city decided to throw a party to celebrate, and by all accounts people came out in droves. But it seems that old habits die hard, as revelers apparently left the park "full of garbage."

So claims SF Weekly reporter Peter Lawrence Kane, who this morning wrote about an early walk with his dog that took him through the park.

"It was full of trash this morning," Kane explained. "A three-man crew was already well into bagging it up when I walked my dog there at 7:15."

Kane speculated that as it's still early in the year, it got dark early on park-goers and "it's hard to say hi to people and socialize in the dark while keeping track of your empties..."

But maybe, actually, most people have learned a lesson after all. Kane spoke with a Rec and Parks worker who was cleaning up the refuse, and the man told him that with the size of last night's crowd he expected things to look a lot worse.

So, most people picked up after themselves? Fingers crossed that trend will continue, and we'll see you at the park!

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