Hayes Valley's Days Inn and adjacent burger joint Double Decker on Grove Street could make way for a way bigger hotel building.

The Business Times reports that the existing 47-room hotel at 465 Grove now faces demolition as proposed by a Preliminary Planning Application. The idea would be to replace the inn with a 158-room hotel. That would have the same number of parking spaces the Days Inn has currently: 33.

At that overall size, the proposed new hotel would be among the city's largest new hospitality projects. Or, above Market Street at least: most such ventures have been undertaken below Market.

Hoodline observes that the Days Inn had its heyday in the 1960s. Then it was a convenient stop off the Central Freeway. Double Decker, they add, is an unaffiliated, "no-frills" restaurant that's occupied its odd, circular two-story space since 2008.

As the proposal is considered, it's worth keeping in mind just how expensive building out a hotel can add up to be. Every unit needs a bathroom and furniture, for one thing, and each would likely cost $300,000. The current plans, says NC2 Studio architecture firm's principal Russel Naylor, are still early. There's lots left to confirm.

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