On the Mission/Bernal border, within PizzaHacker's space at 3299 Mission Street, there is now a new bagel pop-up making occasional weekend appearances: Shegetz Bagel. Eater noted them briefly back in December, and now Sprudge gives us a full report on the venture by SF natives and coffee scene types Oliver Steele and Ben Kaminsky (formerly of Ritual Roasters), along with baker Alex Rogers (formerly of 20th Century Cafe).

As they say on the website, "We, the shegetzim of Shegetz Bagel, don't believe that it takes a New York City zip code (or water supply) to make a killer bagel, and we prove it by boiling and baking them up right here on the West Coast." Shegetz, by the way, is a Yiddish term for a non-Jewish man.

Rogers formerly worked with Michelle Polzine at 20th Century Cafe (where they serve some much lauded bagels of their own), and now he, Kaminsky, and Steele look to be in a race with Wise Sons Bagel to be our local bagel scene's next big thing.

According to Sprudge, Shegetz is putting out "perfect, uniquely San Francisco-style circles of dough" according to ongoing testing and retesting by Kaminsky and Rogers, and they may just launch a brick-and-mortar business if they attract enough fans and potential investors.

Right now, though, there is no date set for the next weekend pop-up, but you can sign up here to get notification, or follow them on Instagram, where you'll see the tagline below, via their last pop-up on December 27.

Many bagels sold, many minds blown, no crazy lines, and no fucks given.

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This post has been corrected to show that Rogers no longer works at 20th Century Cafe.