The lark is open for business! Come have a beer with us to celebrate 👍🍻

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We've done enough lamenting about the loss of downtown dive Dave's — and the new owners of its replacement, The Lark, the same group that owns Bourbon & Branch, Local Edition, Rickhouse, etc., want us all to know that hardly anything has changed! But, alas, some things have changed.

Hoodline picked up the Instagrammed announcement above from Future Bars' Doug Dalton, showing the new name and logo out front, following a two-week remodel. (Dave's closed on New Year's Eve after the landlord, the Hearst Corporation, got a better offer on the space from the Future Bars guys, and Dave's lost its lease.)

Gone are the tables and the dusty photos behind the bar, and as this Yelper tells us, there's a newly installed vintage back bar to complement the worn-in bar itself — although it could just be that they cleaned up the back bar that was already there and had been partly obscured under some clutter, and we'll confirm this later.

The chili and hot dogs are there to stay, for now, and so are the TVs, and as Future Bars' Brian Sheehy insisted to Hoodline in October, "We want Dave's current customers to be our customers."

They now have a retro-graphic-laden website which also advertises next-door sister business Cask.

Sheehy also said that the neighborhood didn't need another high-end cocktail bar, and this would just be a normal sports bar much like Dave's. But of course, naturally, the place has to change. If they made a much better offer to the landlord, that requires them, of necessity, to raise drink prices. Some of the more curmudgeony regulars are likely never to return because curmudgeony regulars hate change of any kind.

And try as they might to say the character of the place won't change, how can it not? It's now directly affiliated with a high-end liquor store next door that sells $90 bottles of aged whiskey. The days of the $5 well drink are likely long gone.

Regardless, the place will be keeping daily hours good for daytime alcoholism: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., Monday to Sunday. And reportedly the jukebox has stayed put.

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