"Where's Pliny?"

This year, the answer to that perennial question of SF Beer Week (January 22nd - 31st) will be a disappointing "nowhere."

Though the super-hopped triple IPA typically punctuates the week's festivities, Russian River Brewing Company owner and brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo confirms to SFist that "Younger won't be done in time for [Beer Week]."

It's a narrow miss, as the beer becomes ready for consumption on February 5th, lasting through February18th according to the company's website.

Joanne Marino, Executive Director of the SF Brewer's Guild — Beer Week's organizing body — observes that though "historically, [the Younger] has been timed with SF Beer Week... this year we had to move our dates into January with all the activity in the Bay Area." That activity might be more specifically described as Super Bowl 50. "It's Russian River's decision when they put their beer out," she noted.

"We've always said that Pliny the Younger release has been going on since before SF Beer Week," Cilurzo tells SFist, "So, it's not technically an SF Beer Week event for us. And of course it works out nicely for people that travel in... But as it is, just the timing of it, it doesn't work out this year."

Cilurzo also cites Younger fans with plans to visit his brewery during the typical February release as a reason for sticking to the usual schedule.

In lieu of the Younger, Russian River will supply other unique brews at Beer Week events. "Since Pliny the Younger will not be ready in time for SF Beer Week this year," the company writes, "we are bringing something extra special to the Opening Gala on January 22nd!" That will be a 28-month-fermented lambic called "Sonambic." And with offerings like that, Marino says she wouldn't be too concerned. "I'm sure there's a bazillion great beers during beer week that I know everyone's gonna love," she said.

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