A new study looking at the availability of parking by neighborhood tells us a lot of what we already know about San Francisco — parking is terrible! The study's intended purpose is to inform car-owning potential renters what neighborhoods are the most accommodating, however, the data also tell us where street parking is purportedly most available. Perhaps the largest takeaway is that, at least according to this study, parking in Noe Valley is relatively easy.

The report was compiled by residential real estate site Trulia, and the company attempted to combine street parking data with availability of garages for rent to form a complete picture of where owning a car is difficult and where it is easy as San Francisco pie.

"For example," the study reads, "San Francisco’s exclusive Noe Valley neighborhood actually had relatively accommodating parking, and ample listings with private parking, while Sea Cliff, Potrero Hill and the Mission neighborhoods were stingy even by San Francisco standards."

Weirdly, the study lists Stonestown as the most difficult area to find parking, but as that is such a tiny patch of SF we're going to move to number two on the list: SoMa. Also noted as difficult when it comes to street parking is the Bayview. And what 'hood has it apparently the easiest? The Presidio.

Block-by-block data can be found in the map embedded below, ensuring that you can zoom in on the street where you live and confirm your nagging suspicion that you really do have it worse than everyone else when it comes to trying to find a spot within walking distance of your apartment.

Have fun!

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