At least one of Mark Zuckerberg's San Francisco neighbors is not having it with the boy-billionaire, and has started a campaign to get SFMTA involved. The neighbor, who apparently lives near the Facebook co-founder's well guarded Liberty Hill manse, appears to be fed up with Zuck's security detail and is circulating a letter imploring neighbors to join in on a campaign to pressure SFMTA to ticket and tow the security company cars that he (or she) alleges are parked illegally.

In a letter obtained by Buzzfeed, the neighbor (whose name has been redacted) details why living next to the new father is such a drag.

"Hi Neighbors," the letter begins. "I’m sure you all agree that it can be cumbersome living next to Zuck. I think we’ve all tried to be as patient and civil as possible during the very long construction, the noise, the trash, the blocking of streets, etc. Now that all that circus is done, we are left with 2 silver SUV’s permanently occupying desirable parking spots."

In addition to speaking with the guards themselves, who the letter writer acknowledges as being "cordial," he notes that he has "also taken pictures of both cars and posted it on SFMTA’s Twitter page, along with the local news stations Twitter accounts, our personal facebook accounts and have also created an account and shared this on Nextdoor."

But that's not all, this budding activist wants the surrounding community to start narcing on the Zucks to SFMTA.

"Please report this issue to SFMTA by calling 415-553-1200 (Press 1 for English) (Press option 6 for illegal parking) or tweeting them @SFMTA_MUNI," the letter writer encourages. "I think if enough people contact them a permanent solution will surely follow. Thank you in advance for any help."

Is there any merit to this grumpy neighbor's complaint? Well, maybe. He notes that the SUV's don't have neighborhood parking permits, and thus should be limited to 2-hour curbside parking Monday through Friday. The security guards allegedly admitted that they were flouting this law in conversation with the peeved neighbor.

"We’ve spoken to the security guards and they were cordial but ultimately have been instructed by their supervisors to not move the cars under any circumstances," the letter reads. "They acknowledge that they are occupying the space with no turnover and illegally."

This isn't the first time that the Zuckerbergs' security detail has been in the news. The Chronicle picked up the complaints about these same SUVs last September, and there was with a report last summer that a restraining order obtained by Zuck allegedly left a man homeless, because the place where he was sleeping fell within the 1,500 feet prohibited radius around Zuck's home.

In the end, we can understand why having a billionaire's private guards parked on a public street 24/7 might make it feel like you as a taxpayer are subsidizing a rich man's security detail. But be careful what you wish for — Zuck may heed your requests to pull the cars off the streets, and newly in need of parking spaces for them, buy a neighboring property, and after a lengthy and loud demolition process have all the parking he needs.

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