Welp, it sounds like Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius's choice to write about a recent incident in which he failed to pay for his Muni ride, got busted, and then didn't get a ticket for it may end up getting both him and the fare inspector who let him off in some hot water.

An SFist reader, Jonathan Bonato, sent our story to SFMTA director Ed Reiskin, asking "Why is Mr. Nevius not ticketed, but homeless people without income or on care not cash get ticketed on Muni?" Bonato writes, "As someone who was formerly homeless, I know first hand how difficult it is to get around the city as a homeless individual on Care Not Cash. I am deeply disturbed that C.W. Nevius gets a free pass for fare evasion, but homeless continued to get screwed by SFMTA."

Reiskin responded to Bonato's note, which he wrote on Tuesday, today saying, "I share your concern with what was reported here. Our staff is investigating, and we will certainly take correction if warranted. We continue to work hard to make transit affordable and accessible to as many San Franciscans as we can."

Reiskin Cc'd Nevius on the response, along with Supervisors Scott Wiener and John Avalos, and Mayor Ed Lee.

So, in addition to seeming ungrateful for getting let out of the fare evasion ticket — Nevius claimed in his blog post it was likely because the inspector recognized his name, though neither he nor we can confirm that — the columnist said he felt "conflicted" after he was met with both the "unyielding" attitude of one inspector, and the subsequent decision to "[throw] all those hard line principles overboard as soon as they recognized someone."

We've reached out to Mr. Nevius for further comment, and await his response.

C.W. Nevius Tries To Ride Muni For Free, Gets Caught, Throws Fit