After months of neighborhood complaints, at least one shooting, and a desperate man spray-painting warning signs all over his own business, the illegal late-night gambling den run out of the former Fizzary building has finally been shut down.

Early yesterday morning, eviction and No Trespassing signs were posted to the exterior of the building, reports Capp Street Crap. The notices warned that violators would be subject to arrest, and a spokesperson with the Sheriff's Department confirmed to Capp Street Crap that the eviction had indeed occurred.

You may remember the fancy soda and candy shop closed down in 2015, but unbeknownst to many at the time, the business owner, Taylor Peck, continued (or began) living out of the space above the store after it closed. He also, and this was his fatal mistake, rented out the ground-floor space to a group of subtenants who quickly turned the place into an after-hours party spot.

Gambling, late-night drug sales and prostitution allegedly occurred at the shuttered shop, and Peck, seemingly unable to get the activity to stop, tagged his own building with warnings to the community and police. Peck was soon evicted himself, but the illegal after-hours action — which had been going on since at least September of 2015 — only continued.

This is not the only case of an illegal club operating out of a shuttered business, and the police even announced an Excelsior-focused crack down on this type of activity last October. The operations are apparently difficulty to stop altogether, however, as the people who run them simply move from one building to the next.

Peck thinks that is exactly what is going to happen, telling Capp Street Crap that the people who he dealt with will likely move on to torturing another unsuspecting landlord.

“God help the property owner, tenants, and neighborhood that those low life speakeasy vampires will inevitably sink their infected fangs into next,” said the apparently exasperated Peck.

As for Peck? He told Mission Local that he's just glad the whole ordeal has come to an end.

“I’m evicted and I’m done, and I was out before them.”

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