San Francisco likes cats, possibly even more than the internet does. This much we know. Now the good citizens of Baghdad by the Bay have a chance to publicly celebrate that love with a three-day Cat Film Festival to be held later this month at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

The film fest, rather prosaically titled "Internet Cat Video Festival," is set to feature 90 minutes of digital feline antics.

The event's been organized by Minneapolis's Walker Art Center, and it's been tagged as "an offline celebration of online cat videos." It includes over a hundred separate videos including six-second Vines and "short dramas."

Curator Will Braden is famous for the funny web series Henri Le Chat Noir (see below), depicting a semi-nihilistic French cat. One representative line: "My turkey and giblets has begun to taste exactly like my whitefish and tuna in gravy," on-screen text reads as a laconic French-speaking narrator (presumably the cat) hips us to his troubles. "It seems I was made to suffer. And why not?"

The festival runs January 21, 23, and 24. Tickets are $10, and at least one of the showings is already sold out. Purr.

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