It's been raining in Tahoe. Like, a lot. Over the past 24 hours the lake has reportedly risen 1.92 inches — a height increase that roughly translates to 6.39 billion gallons of water.

The rain, notes SF Gate, is hitting at the elevation of the lake (approximately 6,223 feet) while higher up the precipitation dumps down as snow.

As everyone knows, California is facing a massive drought — and while this rain helps to address the acute rainfall shortage experienced by the area, we are very much still in that drought.

However, this winter's El Niño seems to have brought with it to Tahoe significantly more snow than the area has seen in years past — with this year marking the earliest opening of Tahoe slopes in five years.

Oh, and regarding the snow: expect to see some happy skiers.


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Photo via the Mammoth Mountain Facebook Page.