Look, we get it: There are a lot of people in the Bay Area who really, really need a place to live. There are equally a lot of people attempting to capitalize on this desperation by offering up comically awful places for rent — our very own Editor In Chief Jay Barmann chronicles this painful reality weekly in Apartment Sadness. So maybe no one should be surprised about this Craigslist offer for a $500-a-month crawl space in Pacific Heights. A quick read suggests it may be a joke post. But there's one huge, seemingly unbelievable catch: the crawl space is actually for rent, and actual people want to rent it.

"With rent skyrocketing in San Francisco, desperate times call for desperate measures and we recently came up with the idea to rent our crawl space out to cash strapped young San Franciscans," reads the advertisement.

"We aren't going to sugar coat this, as you can see by the photos, this is a basement crawl space and the ground is un-even," continues the post. "My roommate Neil has agreed to help out and level off the dirt crawl floor and we have some scraps of rug to throw down," explains the would-be-future landlords.

To be clear, the post is suggesting that you live in the crawl space, not use it as storage.

"There is a decent amount of room for a mattress and night stand and you can keep a dresser in the garage," the post reads.

As for the people renting the space out?

"We are two 20 something start-up guys and like to have fun but are serious about being a part of the next big unicorn company," explains the author. "We like to go out on the weekends in North Beach, SOMA, Marina (Tipsy Pig!) and venture out of the city to Tahoe for some fresh pow pwo and Napa on occasion."

When reached for comment by SFist, the person behind the post confirmed that the crawl space is actually for rent, and that yes, people want to rent it. As to the over-the-top nature of the listing? Well, that was apparently intended.

"The post is part serious part satire, the crawl space does exist and I suppose it is available but we weren't really sure anybody would actually want to live in it," explained the person behind the listing. "I would say responses have been a 50/50 mix of vitriol at us tech folks and people who actually do want to live in the crawlspace," he continued.

A sample of the responses from potential renters, for your bewildered reading pleasure:

30 yr old male in tech, just need a place to be warm and code. Please email me at ____________
I'm moderately interested, but have to know if I can store some tools and motorcycles in the garage space next to said crawl space...
Hi, I'm totally in love with the location of the space you have listed at craigslist. Do you have any pics of the inside of the area? My brother might be willing to build a level platform for a bed if I can get him some photos of the area.

And some on the other side of the coin:

Haha!!!! If this real you are such douche bags!!! Thanks for ruining SF!!
Oh, I see $500. Fuck you, and all techies who have ruined San Francisco. Shame on you.
It's nice to know that there are still vile, repellant, and loathesome people in the world. 500 bucks for a crawlspace. . . someone needs to crack you in the back of the head with a 2x4, you fucking degenerate.

As to the negativity, the man behind the listing was seemingly nonplussed.

"Just can't understand," he writes, "it still is a place to live!"

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