by Daisy Barringer

If after last week’s shocking overtime win against the Bears we were worried the 49ers looked just good enough for Jed York to rationalize keeping Jim Tomsula and Geep Chryst on the coaching staff, I think we can rest easy after yesterday’s disaster of a game against one of the worst teams in the NFL. No seriously, the 49ers couldn’t beat a team that had a 2-10 record coming into the game, and though certainly there are many, many people to blame for that, the person most responsible is Tomsula.

It appeared that the 49ers were making just enough progress for Tomsula to somehow defend keeping his job. Though they lost against the Cardinals at the end of November, they played them pretty tough and avoided a huge blowout. Then they managed to not only beat the Bears last week, but showed legitimate signs of life doing so. If anything, the Niners should have used that momentum and come into Cleveland and put Johnny Manziel’s cocky ass (and his less annoying teammates) in their place. Instead, it appeared that the 49ers actually forgot they had a football game to play yesterday.

This is not the first game this season where it’s literally appeared that the team not only had no game plan, but was completely lacking any sort of competitive fire. Did they take beating the Bears for granted? It seems very hard to imagine that a team that’s only won four games would assume they could beat a team that’s won two fewer, especially considering the Niners were playing on the road and in the eastern time zone. And yet… What other possibility is there?

Oh right. There’s the possibility that the head coach totally sucks. Because even if the team DID for some dumb reason assume they could easily handle the Browns, it’s still Tomsula’s fault for a) Letting them think that and b) Not coming up with a plan to make it happen.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There were clearly some other disasters yesterday, namely the fact that the offensive line allowed Blaine Gabber to be sacked NINE times. (I started rooting for the Browns to break the all-time sack record at one point just because that seemed like it would be a good thing for Jed York to see.) The 49ers were also unable to get any type of run or passing game going and their one touchdown came in garbage time, so sorry, but it doesn’t really count.

The defense also stumbled, letting the team with worst running game in the entire NFL rush for 230 yards. And I’m not even ready to discuss Johnny Manziel’s performance because god I want to smack that kid in the face so bad. The only highlight there was when he did his stupid gun signal after he got sacked, but was bailed out by a face-mask penalty and then threw an interception a few plays later. NO SERIOUSLY I HATE HIM SO MUCH.

Based on the offense’s performance, I think it’s pretty clear that Geep Chryst also needs to get the old heave-ho come January. I mean, what was that play call on 4th and one? If the Niners get the first down, it changes the momentum of the game. Instead, Chryst opts for a call that would have been great if it worked, sure, but didn’t since, uh: Gabbert was sacked. Listen, Geep Chryst; you’re not good enough to get fancy. Just have them run the ball like a normal offensive coordinator.

Frankly, I’m kind of glad the Niners were totally embarrassed yesterday. I think the team that showed up (or, rather, didn’t show up) is who this team really is right now and I think that after that loss, it will be very difficult for Jed York to not start coming to terms with the fact that his coaching experiment was a complete failure and that he needs to make some drastic changes in the offseason.

Of course, this IS Jed York, so there’s also a distinct possibility that he won’t change a single thing at all. In fact, dammit, that’s probably exactly what will happen.

Welcome to Santa Clara, home of a management who doesn’t seem to care that we’re literally the 4-and-9ers. Until next week, that is, when we’re four and 10. Yay football.

Next Week: The (10-3) Bengals come to Levi’s without Andy Dalton at quarterback. Still, the 49ers will lose.