British misery-dweller Morrissey is still complaining loudly and publicly about a pat-down by a TSA agent at San Francisco International Airport in July that he characterized as a sexual assault. And now he quips that TSA should stand for "Thorough Sexual Assault," and writes "It is unlikely that ISIS would stoop so low." Wow, Moz.

The incident occurred in July when Morrissey was leaving SFO following a concert in San Jose, en route back to London, and he claims that the agent "crouched before me and groped my penis and testicles." In October, after conducting their own internal investigation, the TSA and the airport released surveillance footage that showed the incident from multiple angles and did not appear to show anything untoward — nor does it show the singer reacting particularly strongly after the alleged groping. The TSA says that what the tape showed was just routine screening, and the agent in question treats another passenger coming through the scanner similarly.

Now, as the NY Daily News and others are reporting, Morrissey gave a comment to his fan zine True to You, expressing his continued outrage over what he seems to suggest is an institutional coverup.

Here's the statement in full:

"TSA have ignored my official and legal and constitutional complaint. From this we gather that TSA stands for Thorough Sexual Assault. If you are traveling through San Francisco International Airport you must be ready for a full sexual attack by people who claim to have your interests at heart. It is unlikely that ISIS would stoop so low."

Earlier, and equally witheringly, Morrissey spoke out in the zine saying, "In the interests of imperishable bureaucracy my submitted complaint against this ‘officer’ will obviously be either unread or ignored because, as we all know, on matters of officialism it is not possible to be pleasantly surprised by anything at all."

We probably shouldn't minimize this if he's being so insistent, but the TSA maintains "the supervised officer followed standard operating procedures in the screening of this individual."

San Francisco, at the very least, can look forward to Morrissey never playing here again.

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