As expected, the District Attorney's Office officially charged Officer Chris Kohrs with two felony counts of hit-and-run late Tuesday, per the Chronicle and ABC 7, and one new detail has emerged in the case. Kohrs wasn't actually alone in the car.

SFPD chief Greg Suhr tells ABC 7, "He did have two passengers with him who both said that he was the driver." Also, they both remained on the scene and "His personal cell phone was left in the vehicle." As the Examiner adds, they were not able to use the phone to locate Kohrs, and it was then up to him to turn himself in, which he did over eight hours later. He did not get tested for drugs or alcohol until about ten hours after the crash, which happened at 2:20 a.m. on Sunday.

So why would he flee the scene except to make sure that he didn't have to submit to a sobriety test? That appears to be the big question, and it's possibly going to be up to those passengers, who were presumably partying with Kohrs in Fisherman's Wharf before the incident, to testify to his sobriety or lack thereof.

Surveillance video released yesterday may show Kohrs running from the scene. And it seems that Kohrs was not only off duty but was on medical leave from the police force, for an undisclosed and "unrelated" medical condition. The SFPD says that if he were to be cleared to return to active duty, he would be suspended following this incident.

KRON 4, for good measure, tosses in one more comment from an admirer via his now defunct Facebook fan page, which is comically misspelled and was probably written while drunk. "The sexyest cop ive ever seen. Damn he vould frisk me anyday [sic],” commented one Diane Whitehorse. You and me both, Diane. But now he's an accused felon.

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