The daring Red Panda named Masala, who escaped from the Sequoia Park Zoo on Thursday, has been found, thus ending her adventure. But she didn't get very far; according to the Times-Standard, she was spotted about a half-mile from the zoo's entrance.

Zoo Manager Gretchen Ziegler said that a citizen saw the panda ambling around Hodgson and Q Streets, and called the number for Sequoia Park Zoo staff. The citizen then "herded" Masala up into a fruit tree in their backyard, so she could keep an eye on the panda until staff came. Once they got there, they were able to lure Masala down the 10-foot tree with food; a good strategy for the capture of both animals and humans alike, really.

Ziegler said that Masala's behavior, once back in captivity was normal for a panda. She also said that zoo managers still don't know how Masala got out in the first place, calling it a "freak anomaly." Either way, she's just happy the panda's back, and told the Times-Standard, "It’s a dangerous world out there. We were very worried we might not get her back."

Masala is home safe! From Sequoia Park Zoo manager Gretchen Ziegler: For those who are up this late - GREAT news!...

Posted by Eureka Police Department on Sunday, November 22, 2015