As reported last week, along with the menu, Del Popolo's first brick-and-mortar pizzeria makes its debut this evening at 855 Bush Street, and this is very exciting news for pizza fans, i.e. all non-vegan gluten eaters.

Del Popolo specializes in wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizzas — and I say Neapolitan-style because purists like Anthony Mangieri at Una Pizza Napoletana will insist that an authentic Neapolitan pizza has nothing much on it besides tomato and cheese, with the occasional cherry tomato or leaf of basil.

Also, now that chef Jon Darsky is getting to expand beyond the confines of his three-year-old pizza truck, there will also be other stuff on the menu besides pizza, including dessert and a rotating array of 6 to 10 seasonal small plates.

The opening offering includes stuff like Monterey bay squid with chili, fennel and Castelvetrano olives; and a Fuyu persimmon and chicory salad with pistachios, mint & yogurt.

Darsky calls this his idea of "an updated, California-ized version of the Italian-American pizzeria that many of us have enjoyed over the years." He adds, "Dishes will offer comfort and accessibility while not necessarily feeling familiar."

Check out the photos of the space, and note that while most of the restaurant is reserved for walk-ins, including a long communal table, they are taking some reservations.

Del Popolo - 855 Bush Street between Mason and Taylor - 415.589.7940 - Open Tuesday - Thursday, and Sunday 5.30pm - 10pm; Friday - Saturday 5.30pm - 11pm. Closed Monday.

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