The latest development in the Valencia-fi-cation of Divisadero: A Namu Gaji spinoff called Namu Claypot is headed for the space currently occupied by a very non-gentrifier spot, Jay's Cheesesteak & Burgers (553 Divisadero). As Hoodline reports, via a beer and wine license transfer application just filed, this is the second planned expansion for the Namu team who also have a noodle shop, Namu Noodles, planned for Dogpatch, which we heard about in July.

Namu Gaji already has a popular sizzling Korean-style stonepot dish on their menu with koshihikari rice, kimchee, an egg, gochujang, and market vegetables, with the optional addition of steak, and possibly this simple formula will form the basis of the spinoff menu, but with additional proteins — though Asian claypot dishes are often very different, and more brothy and mushroomy. Rice bowls, though, are likely to be the main attraction.

There's no announced date yet for Namu Claypot, and it likely puts us well into 2016 since the liquor license won't even transfer for a couple of months.

This is the second Jay's Cheesesteak in SF, with the original one on 21st remaining open.