San Francisco's City Hall, the design of which was inspired by the famed Parisian structure L'Hôtel national des Invalides, was illuminated in the French national colors of blue, white and red Friday night as a sign of solidarity after a series of horrific attacks in Paris left at least 153 dead.

In a statement sent Friday afternoon, SF Mayor Ed Lee said that "The French Flag has been raised at San Francisco City Hall to honor the victims of this tragedy."

“On behalf of the residents of San Francisco," Lee said in his statement, "I express my deepest sorrow for the heartbreaking tragedy unfolding in Paris today. We stand in solidarity with our friends in our sister city of Paris, Mayor Hidalgo and with people all across France as they struggle with the aftermath of this very dark day. The victims of these senseless acts of violence will remain in our prayers.”

Gothamist reports that in New York, 1 World Trade Center's spire has also been lit in blue, white, and red, and that the Empire State Building will go dark in observance of the tragedy.

Lee says that public safety agencies across San Francisco are "closely monitoring these incidents and have reported that there is no known threat to San Francisco," but that SFPD is "on heightened alert with extra patrols."

The gels on the City Hall lights were just left over from Election Night last week, and thus they are not in the correct order of the French flag, which would be blue, white, red. Someone on SFGate's Facebook page, however, made things right with a little Photoshop.

In a statement sent Friday evening, SFPD says that "The San Francisco Police Department is aware of the incidents that occurred in France and we are following the situation. Chief Suhr has been in communication with our partners at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and he has requested updates and information on any potential security concerns in California. Chief Suhr has also been in communication with Mayor Ed Lee's Office."

"While there is no known threat here in the United States," they write, "SFPD Officers have been advised to maintain high visibility and to increase patrols in areas of significant public traffic. Additionally, the Police Department has contacted the French Consulate and is working to address any security concerns they may have."

"As always, we remind the public, "If you see something, say something!" Report suspicious persons or activity to 9-1-1."

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