Fanny Singer, Alice Waters's daughter for whom longtime Berkeley eatery Café Fanny was named, was in Paris and out having dinner in the neighborhood of one of the shootings on Friday, but Waters reports via Instagram that she is safe. Singer was having dinner just "down the street" from one of the deadly attacks in Paris with her partner Sam Thorne, but Waters posted to Instagram that both are safe.

Says Waters, "President Obama said 'This is an attack on all humanity.' Indeed it is."

Singer, who is pursuing a PhD in art history in the UK, is 31 and recently moved to St. Ives, Cornwall, as she told the Guardian, at the southwestern-most tip of England.

Hers is one of many stories we're likely to hear about Parisians, Americans, and American ex-pats who were out on the town Friday night during what appear to be coordinated attacks on Paris designed to create mayhem for citizens out celebrating the end of a workweek.

Over 100 are reported dead, though the death toll is likely to rise as more of the story gets clarified over the weekend, and as critical injuries turn fatal.

Paris police are saying that eight terrorist attackers are dead, and that these represent all those responsible for the multiple attacks around the city.