You know things have gotten out of hand when club promoters feel the need to step in and save the day. Yet that is exactly what has happened in SoMa, with DNA Lounge promoters deciding that they've had enough with the repeated car break-ins to hit the area. Feeling that the police response has been inadequate, two promoters have led a charge to hire private security to roam the surrounding area and look for would-be thieves.

It seems that club goers were tiring of what had become an all-too-common affair: leaving a club after dancing the night away only to return to their ride to find its window(s) smashed.

"I started seeing a dip in the numbers," SoMa club promoter David King told NBC Bay Area. "Started polling people and they said [going to the club is] not worth paying $100 to get a window repaired."

"It's a lot of money," furthered (the appropriately named) Cash Recanzone, another event promoter. "Someone is just trying to have a good night and not have to deal with that."

King and Recanzone teamed up and hired security guard Jonathan Yancey. When the club is full, Yancey can be found patrolling street.

While the state of affairs may have improved, the problem of car break-ins has not been relegated to the past. The San Francisco Police Department's crime mapping data shows that for just over the past month, there have been 103 reported vehicle break-ins.

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