Yesterday was marked by protest and student walk-outs at Berkeley High School in response to racist threats invoking the KKK and lynching that were left to be seen on a library computer. “Fuck all the ni*ggers in the world,” was just one of the terrifying messages that students circulated in horror, disbelief, and shame.

Now ABC 7, KQED, and others report that principal Sam Pasarow has announced that a student confessed to authoring the threats.

"I think the student is really aware of what this caused on our campus today and how much fear it caused and how much chaos it caused on our campus," the principal said. According to officials, the student was interrogated and offered his admission of guilt only after "a technological forensic analysis was done on the computer."

Though Pasarow declined to give details, the Oakland Tribune reports that the student who confessed is a 15-year-old. Berkeley police Officer Byron White added that "I think it's terrific to be able to find out, and rare to solve something like this on the same day," and that the student will likely be turned over "to juvenile probation for review of charges."

"The student is going to face pretty serious consequences,” principal Pasarow told KQED in an interview. “I’m certainly a leader who believes in (repairing) harm in lieu of traditional discipline. This act, however — due to it being on the kind of hate crime, terroristic threat level — does have some mandatory consequence pathways we need to follow.”

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