A month ago, we asked Squarespace users in the SFist universe to come forward and shamelessly plug their website for a feature on our site. Well, it's time! Here's our subject on what they do and how, exactly, Squarespace has made it that much more awesome.

Marla Bakery is a cozy eatery nestled in Outer Richmond, where it's owned and operated by Amy Brown and Joe Wolf. They use Squarespace to host their site full of mouthwatering photos, revolving menus and community updates. Make sure to check them out here or in person at 3619 Balboa St.

So what made you decide you wanted a new website? Our creative director, Syril McNally, was initially the catalyst for us utilizing Squarespace to build the new site.

What made you choose Squarespace over other web hosting and design options? It was relatively easy to use, and more importantly, it gave us the ability to alter daily changing menus.


What part of your site are you most proud of? The ease of navigation--there is a level of fluidity that Squarespace’s interface gives to the user when viewing the website as a whole.

Any surprises when you started the project? I was surprised how easy it was to incorporate a commerce section to some of the pages, selling tickets for events with the click of a button made it easy for the user to trust the website's security.


Were you concerned about the cost versus a free service? Cost was not an issue for what Squarespace provides.

How long did it take you to put your site together? The site took about 2 months to get completely ready to launch, but our creative director designed the site from top to bottom.


Did you notice an uptick in leads or interest since your site's been online? We have definitely seen a rise in interest since updating the site, especially when it comes to our daily changing breakfast and lunch menus. It has also made ordering to go much easier for users.


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