The Chapel is a music venue in the Mission with a dark past.

The building it sits in was built just over a century ago and used to be the Gantner-Maison-Domergue Funeral Home. Given its morbid precursor, it's not surprising those that work at The Chapel and its adjoining restaurant, The Vestry, have reported of ghosts—particularly a little girl—that haunt the spaces. According to 7x7, a ghost hunting reality TV show will be filming at the venue soon.

Over in the Western Addition, the now-closed Poleng Lounge was another happenin' place that was also supposedly haunted.

On Thursday, the above video was released showing the night janitor locking up The Vestry around 5 a.m. when something eerie happens. After the janitor shuts off the lights and walks out, you can see the image of a young girl in a dress pop into the frame and jiggle the door handle before running off. The marketing manager for The Chapel told 7x7 that she had no explanation for what happens on the tape. ~spooky~