A couple visiting San Francisco from Ireland were walking in the Richmond District on Thursday night when more than a dozen raccoons jumped out and attacked them and their daughter's dogs.

ABC-7 reports that just after their own news team arrived at the scene, near 41st and Anza, on the following night, two raccoons popped out of the bushes again.

Brendan O'Sullivan, who was visiting his daughter with his wife, told ABC, "In the group there were at least 12 to 15 in the group, but there were four vicious big raccoons that were actually doing the fighting." 12 to 15? Dang! No joke.

O'Sullivan's wife had to receive painful rabies treatments in her leg following the attack. They're worried about the dogs, too—one of them is having trouble walking, while the other one was victim to a much more brutal attack.

"We thought he was killed," said O'Sullivan. "They were actually dragging him away."

This is not the only time a raccoon attack like this has happened (in the Richmond District, in particular); in August, a couple was pounded on by a swarm of raccoons. Earlier that month, another woman's dogs were attacked while out walking in Bernal Heights.

Neighbor Elizabeth Heidhues told ABC, "I got a hold of Animal Care and Control and they promised they would do a training out here and we were looking for site to do a training and I never heard back from them."

Be careful out there, folks.