Fans of the long gone, pan-Asian-street-food spot Poleng Lounge — perhaps some of whom have traveled down to San Mateo a few times to sample the ongoing work of chef Tim Luym at Attic — will be happy to know that Luym has got a brand new thing arriving near the Polk Street bar corridor the first week of November. As Inside Scoop reports, it's called Ho's Bootleg Tavern, and it's moving into the former Gungho Tavern space, with two local bar vets, Masaye Waugh and Jerrid Wood, behind it. [Update: Waugh reached out to clarify that Luym is serving only as menu consultant, and is not an owner or partner.]

There will be late-night ramen, and booze-friendly eats, but that's all we know about the menu so far as it's still be finalized. Waugh tells the Scoop they're aiming for more of a whiskey tavern look and feel, saying of Luym's style, "It’s not Asian food. It’s Tim’s food."

The other theme they're going for: cheap. "Party like it's 2010!" they say via the Indiegogo campaign they just launched to raise finishing costs. They're promising affordable drinks in these oh-so-unaffordable times, as well as a sunny outdoor area, and "Lively Nightlife and [you'll] still respect yourself for in the morning (we got you!)"

The exact opening day is still TBA, but they're hoping for next week. And, if they manage to make their stretch goal of $60K via crowdsourcing, there's the promise of a late-night ramen window, too. For now they're shooting for $30K, and they've already made almost 15 percent of that in a few days.

Ho's Bootleg Tavern - 2360 Van Ness Avenue at Green Street - Opening in early November