Ron Conway, Mayor Ed Lee's own personal angel investor, knows how he'll be voting in this upcoming local election. Ed Lee all the way, baby. In fact, Conway seems to think he'll be voting for Lee three times, ranking him first, second, and third to reveal the billionaire has no understanding of or respect for the ranked-choice voting system.

But wait, how do we know any of this? Because, of course, Conway sent an email to all of the CEOs of companies in which he's invested, telling them how he'd like them to vote. Further calling on everyone to fall in line, Conway urged those CEOs to pass along his important voting guide to their employees. With investments in 546 companies according to Crunchbase, that means this was quite the email blast.

But among the recipients was the website Pando, in which Conway is an investor through SV Angel... and they went ahead and published it.

No, before you ask, none of this is the least bit illegal. As Pando points to the New York Times, though the practice of an employer telling their employees how to vote was illegal and basically unthinkable until 2010, as "federal law barred companies from using corporate money to endorse and campaign for political candidates" including "urging employees to support specific politicians," that all went out the window with the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. What's more: As an investor, Conway isn't even the boss of all these email recipients, although he sure is bossy!

Here's the email, but Remember, San Francisco: Vote early, vote often, and maybe don't vote like Ron Conway. He doesn't have a lot in common with most of us.

From: Ron Conway
Date: October 24, 2015 at 12:01:55 PM PDT
To: Ron Conway
Subject: SF Election Recommendations for November 3rd
TO: San Francisco-based SV Angel Portfolio CEOs

We have an important election in SF on November 3rd.

Can you please share the list below and ask your team to Vote either on November 3 or by absentee ballot beforehand!

Candidate and proposition recommendations in the upcoming election in SF on November 3 :

Ed Lee Mayor in all 3 choices (rank choice voting)

Vicki Hennessy Sheriff in all 3 choices (rank choice voting)

Alex Randolph Member, Community College Board

If you live in District 3 in SF vote FOR Julie Christensen in all 3 choices (rank choice voting)

Not Voting for candidates for City Attorney, District Attorney or Treasurer


These recommendations match those of

Measure A
General Obligation Bond Election - Affordable Housing - Not to Exceed $310,000,000

Measure B
Enhancement of Paid Parental Leave for City Employees
Measure C

Expenditure Lobbyists Ordinance


Measure D
Mission Rock

Measure E
Requirements For Public Meetings of Local Policy Bodies

Measure F
Short-Term Residential Rentals

Measure G
Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy

Measure H
Clean Energy Right to Know Act

Measure I
Mission District Housing Moratorium

Measure J
Establishing the Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund

Measure K
Surplus City Property Ordinance

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