Despite the best efforts of Grateful Dead fans to get their guys on stage at Santa Clara's Super Bowl 50, the big game's halftime entertainment will likely be far more, uh, accessible. According to an (as yet unconfirmed) report, your mom's favorite guilty car-dance pleasure, Maroon 5, is the frontrunner for the gig.

E reports that Maroon 5 has "had extensive talks about performing during halftime of Super Bowl 50 in 2016," presumably with the kind of people who can actually make a decision on the matter.

Last month it was reported that Bruno Mars will be "curating" the halftime event, an indication that the use of the word "curate" had not just jumped the proverbial shark but the whole fucking ocean.

So is Mars performing during the Bay Area game, with Maroon 5 joining in on the fun? Or is Mars just pulling everyone's strings? That's unclear, and an email from SFist to Super Bowl 50's press liaison was not responded to at publication time.

Entertainment Tonight also floats the possibility that, of all people, Adele might sing in between halves of the football game, as Mars "was obsessed with having Adele join him two years ago but she wouldn’t do it." It's also unclear what ET thinks has changed since Adele's demurral last time but, who knows, she might need to put a deck on the house or something.

The February 7 game will be "the most-watched television event of the year," according to numerous press releases sent to this publication. Nielsen even does a special tracking report just for halftime, with Katy Perry's performance last year drawing 121 million viewers.

Of course, no one can confirm that the people who brought us "Moves Like Jagger" will be raking in those hundreds of millions of eyeballs at the moment, and a source warns ET that "They have NOT been booked yet."

Meanwhile, the campaign "Petitioning National Football League The Grateful Dead for SuperBowl 50 half-time show!" has raked in 13,540 supporters. It's not 121 million, but it's...close? (It's not close.)

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