Super Bowl 50 is coming to Santa Clara this February, and the people of San Francisco have already begun to prepare for the onslaught of out-of-town visitors the game will bring with it. As to be expected, hotel rooms are booking up quickly. One San Francisco hotel has decided to capitalize on this in, shall we say, a unique way. Inn at Union Square has decided to rent out the entire hotel — all 30 upscale rooms — to one ambitious guest.

The hotel, owned by the much larger Greystone Hotels, has never done anything like this before, and they're not particularly picky about the potential renter.

“It probably is going to be a brand (renting out the hotel), but if there’s a family who wants to do it in style … it’s a great opportunity for someone to ‘own’ a hotel for a couple days,” Dave Rubin, VP of digital marketing for Greystone Hotels, told the San Francisco Business Times.

The cost for the seemingly pointless extravagance? Seventy-five thousand to $100k per night, with a minimum four night stay. This, ahem, deal is only available right around the Super Bowl, and has to include "either Feb. 3 and 4, or Feb. 8 and 9" according to the Times.

And while this entire situation seems absurd to us, it could provide the perfect opportunity for someone with a lot of cash to burn and lifelong desire to roleplay Shining fanfiction a chance to live out their dreams.

However, may we here at SFist humbly suggest an alternative? In light of Mayor Lee's recent comments that the homeless will have to "leave" San Francisco during the Super Bowl because "there won’t be any room" for them, maybe the mayor could rent out the hotel, possibly with the financial support of Lee-superfan Ron Conway, and offer it up to the homeless residents of San Francisco as an alternative to the street.

Or, this...