As the clock ticks down on San Francisco's last gun shop, there's at least one group vocally applauding the business' closure: Members of the SF Board of Supervisors.

Of course, you already know the deal. Back in August, Supervisor Mark Farrell announced that he was going to propose legislation for San Francisco that would require that all gun sales be videotaped, and that all gun and ammunition buyers’ names, birthdates, addresses and driver’s license numbers be supplied to the San Francisco Police Department.

But SF only has one gun shop. High Bridge Arms has been in business near the intersection of Mission and Valencia streets since the mid-1950s, and they couldn't help but feel a little bit targeted (sorry!) by the legislation. By early September, store management was saying that if the legislation passed, the business would close, but by the end of the month, they decided not to wait, and announced that they'd be shuttering by the end of October.

Though back in August, Farrell's office told SFist that it "doesn’t mean to close anyone’s brick-and-mortar business," the Supe was singing a very different tune on Wednesday. That's when the Board's Budget and Finance Committee OKed Farrell's legislation, and Farrell couldn't have sounded happier that High Bridge Arms was going dark.

“At the end of the day," Farrell told the Ex, "I would much rather see a preschool, a coffee shop, a senior center or some other neighborhood-serving entity that contributes to the vitality of our city in its place."

“If that’s the result of the legislation, as a city we are going to be better off for it.”

Supervisor Katy Tang also appeared to rejoice the businesses closure, telling the Ex “So be it if our last remaining shop closed down here in San Francisco."

“I think that our city will be better for that.”

The full Board of Supervisors is expected to hear — and approve — Farrell's legislation on Tuesday. High Bridge Arms is expected to shut its doors for good on October 31.

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