Apple yesterday released an update to its mobile operating system, iOS 9.1, and while the update included various bug fixes and (we're sure) important upgrades to system functionality, the clear stars of the show are the new emoji. The update brings with it 150 new tiny characters, but the only one we really care about is the burrito emoji. Yes, you can now spam your friends and lovers with the image of that which you hold most dear — the glorious burrito.

The scribes at the Chronicle have very thoughtfully dived right in and determined that some of the newly released emoji will speak directly to Bay Area sensibilities.

Among the 150 new emoji included in the update are two long-awaited foods near and dear to many Bay Area residents: the taco and burrito. Other new additions include a middle finger emoji, hot dog, unicorn, a cheese wedge and an uncorked bottle of champagne.

We in San Francisco can only hope that this is merely a sign of things to come, and that variations of the burrito emoji will begin to appear — a fat El Farolito burrito emoji for when you feel ready to take on the world, for example, or a Chipotle burrito emoji for when you realize that you'll never succeed as an artist and you should just give up and join the 9-to-5 corporate slog already.

If you're just dying to group message your knitting circle images of unicorns staring intently at hot dogs, follow Wired's instructions by going to "Settings > General > Software Update, then choosing download and install, or by connecting your device to your computer and updating via iTunes."

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