When they get their heads out of their personal clouds, vapers riding BART are in for a rude awakening. You can't vape while riding on or waiting for Bay Area Rapid Transit, and there are now signs to emphasize that fact.

Of course, if you yourself are about that #vapelife, you probably will do as you must. As vaping can be a relatively discrete behavior, unless you've got one of those fog machine ones, you'll probably get away with it too. But maybe give it a rest for the sake of others?

“A number of complaints have reached the Board of Directors about people using electronic cigarettes and vaping devices on BART property,” Director Robert Raburn said back in January. “Other transit providers have enacted similar prohibitions.”

The ban was approved in February, when the agency wrote that the new signage would be "placed in stations and trains to ensure riders know about the new ban and police will issue warnings during a roll out period."

Some vape-doers, of course will not welcome the news, e.g.

The penalty is $100 for first time offenders, $200 for second-time violators within one year, and $500 for additional violations within five years. Think of how much e-juice or whatever you could buy with that money lost — and then holster that space cig.

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