No one enjoys the sound of a car horn, but a couple on Market Street took their displeasure to a new level Tuesday, by assaulting and robbing the honking driver.

CBS5 reports that at 10 a.m. Tuesday, a Luxor Cab driver was summoned to pick up a fare at Market and Ellis Streets, which is near Fourth Street on one of Market's busiest blocks.

According to the San Francisco Police Department's report of the event, the cab driver, a 60-year-old man, "honked his horn to notify the fare that he was in the area."

"A group of people were standing near the cab and became irritated that [the driver] was honking," according to SFPD's report. The group approached the cab and driver, and one of the irritated people, a man in his 30s, hit the driver several times, then stole his cash, cell phone, and credit card.

The victim says that his assailant then handed the stolen items to another member of the group, a woman in her 20s, and the group fled the area.

The driver was treated for minor injuries, and is expected to recover. As of publication time, no arrests have been made.