It was only last Thursday that Supervisor John Avalos called a public hearing to address his Excelsior District constituents' concerns regarding the ongoing problem of illegal gambling shacks in the neighborhood. His worry that the cocaine-fueled clubs bring crime to the area now seems more prescient than ever, as police are saying that a patron of one such club was shot early this past Saturday morning.

The Examiner is reporting that an unknown assailant shot through the front door of the gambling spot, located at 25th and Mission Street, firing multiple shots before fleeing. The 25-year-old victim was struck in the leg, and according to KRON 4 was transferred to SF General where he currently is in stable condition.

The shooting, which went down at roughly 6:00 a.m., comes at a time when the police are stepping up their efforts to shut down these after-hours "gambling shacks." Ingleside Police Captain Joseph McFadden last week explained to KQED why going after these locations is not as straightforward as it might seem.

“They’re mobile, they’re transitory. So if we put heat on them, if we were to send officers by, they’re going to shut that one down and move to another location really quickly. Remember, they are run nightly. So if they believe the cops are on to them, they are going to shut down business, move the machines to another location within 24 hours."

In the aftermath of the shooting, it is natural to wonder what steps the police are taking to reign in the particular players involved in the Saturday morning attack. Have they shut down the club where the incident occurred? Did they arrest anyone on the premise?

Police aren't saying much, as KRON 4 notes that "officers have not said if any arrests were made in connection with the illegal gambling establishment or described a motive for the shooting."

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