Jack Dorsey is so many things. He's Twitter's CEO. He's Square's CEO. He's a Missourian. And now he's making a name for himself as philanthropist.

To recap: When this guy isn't, for example, laying off 8% of one of his company's workforce while filing to take his other company public, he's investing in community and progress. Specifically, he's giving more than half of his Square equity to a new foundation he's founded. That foundation, in turn, will be funding artists, musicians, and small businesses. So far they have just one taget city: Ferguson, Missouri.

Venturebeat reports that over the past two years at Square, Dorsey has given 15 million shares, which is 20 percent of his equity, back to the company. He's also committed 40 million more shares, about 10 percent of the company in its entirety, toward his cause. Of course, he does have over 71 million shares, almost a 25 percent stake of the company. So, by Venturebeat's calculations, Square's CEO is "essentially giving up more than half of his control towards underserved businesses and merchants."

Hey Snapchat team: Is Evan Spiegel taking notes on this?

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