When reports first began to surface Tuesday of an armed individual on the campus of City College, it seemed as if there might be an active shooter on campus. As we noted at the time, multiple students on site tweeted about a gunman in the library — reports that were soon addressed by CCSF.

However, now two days later, additional details have emerged which elevate the incident from a fight between students that went too far to that of a failed kidnapping attempt.

The Examiner reports that at some time Tuesday morning two men, one of whom has been identified as current CCSF student 21-year-old Randy Taylor Jr., came onto campus with the intention of kidnapping a 17-year-old student. The name of the 17-year-old has not been released. What happened next is harrowing.

Taylor and an accomplice allegedly confronted a 17-year-old CCSF student in a plaza outside the library. “Their intent was to kidnap him and take him off campus,” [CCSF spokesperson Jeff Hamilton] said.

The suspects told the male victim “something to the effect of ‘Come with us … you’re never coming back here,’” said Hamilton.

According to Hamilton, it was at this point that the as-of-yet unnamed accomplice flashed his gun.

CBS San Francisco picks up the coverage from there.

They told the victim to come with them and the second suspect, a former student, pulled up his shirt and revealed he was armed. As they were walking away, the victim made a break for it and ran into the library.
The suspects chased him inside, caught up with him and started hitting him. Others in the library came to his aid and he ran to another part of the library and locked the door, Hamilton said.
As reported by the Examiner, the victim managed to yell a warning cry of "'he has a gun' before locking himself in a room."

Both of the assailants managed to escape before the police — campus or SFPD — arrived on the scene.

Taylor was arrested the next day, while the second would-be-kidnapper remains at large.

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