The lengthy, frustrating saga of Sinbad's may finally come to an end today — though it may not, if the stubbornness of its owners holds true. But today, the authorities will come knocking at 11:30 a.m. to serve the final eviction notice to the dated seafood restaurant next to the Ferry Building, with sheriff's deputies in tow to tell them to pack up the naugahyde chairs and go. As the Chronicle reports, however, one of the co-owner brothers, Tom Stinson, still insists, "It's not going to happen."

Sinbad's has been fighting for a few more months of life for years at this point, having signed an agreement to vacate, effective December 31, 2014, back in 2012. New Year's Eve came and went, and the Stinsons got the landlord, the Port of SF, to agree to let them stay for three more months, until March 21. That day came and went, and the Stinsons took their eviction to court — but a judge tossed out that lawsuit in May.

Update: Sinbad's successfully staved off today's eviction, as ABC 7 reports, by filing for bankruptcy, so they are now protected under bankruptcy law.

Essentially they've been arguing that while they may have agreed to vacate, because the Port has development plans for a new ferry terminal on Pier 2 and the building is getting demolished, those development activities aren't starting until well into next year, and Sinbad's should be able to stay in business until then rather than close on some arbitrary date. Nonetheless, they agreed to two of those dates.

In any event, though they may have their regulars and fans, no one is begging them to stay because of the food.

Sinbad's has been around since 1975, having been named for Sinbad the Sailor in honor of Herb Caen's nicknaming SF Baghdad By the Bay. (See some more history via a Chron profile here.)

As we are likely saying goodbye to the place, it should be noted that it will be eulogized on Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, which shot something there in June. (The episode looks to be airing this Sunday, October 18 on CNN.) Also, below, though the restaurant itself is not featured, here's a ca. 2000 music video by 'N Sync, featuring Justin, J.C., Lance and the boys singing in Muir Woods, and ultimately sitting down for lunch on the Embarcadero right next to Sinbad's (and this was before the Ferry Building became the Ferry Building we know today, so wherever they're sitting doesn't appear to be a real restaurant).

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