Dick Costolo may be laying low in the real Silicon Valley, but he's just jumping right into the parody version — if there is any perceptible difference. The tech exec is now consulting on Mike Judge's HBO show skewering the tech sector.

“I am in the writers’ room a few days a week,” Costolo, who left his post as Twitter's CEO in June, told Re/code in a new interview. “It’s not too much of a stretch,” he says, and we can believe it of the man who once told Business Insider that his real calling was the theater. Of the gig, says Costolo “It’s fun for now and a good transition.”

While he tries to help out with comedic material, Costolo readily admits to "a low hit rate compared to the talent in the room,” and it sounds as if he's serving as more of an industry sounding board/consultant than a writer.

What's next for Costolo? "I am going to do something new no doubt, but not until next year.” Perhaps he'll be making a star turn, or at least making a cameo on the third season?

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