Though many jumped on the notion that that "No Tech Zone" sign that showed up in Alamo Square two weeks ago — purporting to levy a $300 fine for people caught using mobile devices in the vicinity — translated to "techies get out" like so much graffitti in the Mission these days, the sign turns out to be more benign than that. But also dumb. It, and several more signs that went up over the weekend in Duboce Park, Dolores Park, and other city parks are the work of local artist (and New York Native) Ivan Cash, who's expressing his sadness over the fact that we all spend too much time staring at our phones, even when we should be appreciating the beauty of a park.

"I’ve always appreciated city parks," says Cash, who just moved here a few years ago, in an exclusive interview with the UK Guardian, adding, "To me it feels especially paradoxical, being totally consumed by a screen in a place defined for its lack of modern technology." He says he's trying to spur a discussion with the signs about the role of technology in our lives, and not "hating on the Bay Area tech community," as some believed, since he himself makes an income as an art director in tech, and many of his friends are employed in tech as well.

The thing is, parks are made for a lot of things, including reading, and a lot of people read on their phones and tablets now. That is a fact of the world. Also, phones are cameras. Is Cash just trying to revive the analog camera and hardbound book market?

But, it gets worse. He's now selling the limited edition signs for $100 apiece to anyone who wants to create their own "no tech zone." And, Cash hopes people will see the signs and smile, understanding the light-hearted nature of the message, and not misunderstand his intent as pretty much everyone has.

What say you, Bay Area? The worst? Or just a playful bit of social commentary?

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