Be it EaDo in Houston, NuLu in Louisville, DUMBO in Brooklyn, DTLA, or our very own NoPa and SoMa, rapidly gentrifying, expensive loft-filled neighborhoods nationwide are one and the same in many ways, especially in their residential marketing videos. Please enjoy South Park's marvelous take on this via this week's episode, "The City Part of Town," which is a marketing video for The Residences at the Lofts at SoDoSoPa."

"With modern styling these lofts are sexy, and so so SoDoSoPa." Remind you of anything?

In the complete episode, Jimmy Fallon mocks South Park as a backwoods redneck place, and Stan's dad decides that the city needs a Whole Foods. Thus the mayor proposes the SoDoSoPa development, in the shitty part of town where Kenny lives, in order to attract Whole Foods.