The next time you find yourself nodding off in an Uber, just use this simple trick to stay awake: Remind yourself that one uber-shady Uber driver stands accused of stealing a passenger's wallet while she slept in his car during a ride from San Francisco to Berkeley!

ABC 7 writes that "the passenger apparently dozed off with her wallet and phone on her lap and later found she had been overcharged $20 for the ride and that her credit cards had been used at stores throughout San Francisco."

Also, According to SF and LA District Attorney's, some Uber drivers are murderers and felons, so I suppose things could have been more dire.

But maybe matters are safer in a Lyft Line or Uber Pool? Not really, since you could get beat up by unscreened fellow passengers or, better yet, hit on by them? Not that nothing terrible has ever happened in a taxi or even a "friend's" car, mind you.

Update: KQED reports that "The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has charged a San Francisco woman with felony identity theft after police say she stole the wallet of a passenger who fell asleep during an Uber ride to Berkeley, then used her credit cards at stores around the Bay Area."

Ligia Latino, 30, was arrested and charged last week and is scheduled to enter a plea to the charges Friday in Oakland.

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