As was rumored last week after they inked a deal for the former La Boulange location in West Portal, LA-based fast-casual chain Lemonade has snagged three more of the soon-to-be-revived bakery's former digs: 781 Mission Street at the Metreon; 151 University Avenue in Palo Alto; and 1384 Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek. As Eater reports, founder and executive chef Alan Jackson "called the former La Boulange stores the 'perfect fit'" for Lemonade locations, which will begin rolling out its first Bay Area locations soon.

Lemonade has been swiftly growing down south, offering a healthy alternative to many fast-food and fast-casual chains that includes a grade-school cafeteria set-up but with fresh and seasonal salad, fish, and meat options. They have spins on comfort food like "Not So Trashy Green Bean Casserole" and braised short ribs, as well as Brussels sprout and kale salads, and seven varieties of lemonade. And it should fit in well in SF given how few similar-style concepts we have here.

Including the upcoming location at 16 West Portal Avenue, which will be subject conditional use approval as a formula retail use, Lemonade now has four Bay Area locations in the works, with a reported eight more to come.

Meanwhile, six now former locations of La Boulange are being revived as La Boulangerie de San Francisco under original founder Pascal Rigo, who says he has no plans to expand beyond those six. That leaves a total of 13 more that are still up for grabs, possibly by Lemonade.

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