No doubt a consistent and stubborn bunch, SF's local coalition of nudist activists will be having another nude-in at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro Saturday afternoon. To protest the nudity ban. Which passed two and a half years ago.

Yes, you will find more than the usual band of naked older gentlemen, as well as SFist fave Gypsy Taub, out there at noon on Saturday, September 26, and maybe someone will be arrested, or maybe not.

Per Gypsy:

We applied for a permit, but the SFPD did not issue a permit and keeps coming up with excuses and playing mind games, as usual. Our lawyer Gill Sperlein is working on getting a restraining order against the SFPD to stop them from interfering with us and is also working on filing a new lawsuit based on the SFPD continuously denying us permits in violation of the conditions of the nudity ban which is supposed to have exemptions for permitted events.

The nudists recently claimed a victory when a federal judge awarded them a $20,000 payment for legal fees as their case against the city moves to the Ninth Circuit. They are suing claiming that their right to free speech was violated when they were cited for nudity in the context of a protest, following the ban that took effect in 2013.

Also, Gypsy tells us that there's an early Halloween party happening which will be all-nude, on October 17. It's dubbed Night of the Naked, and it's happening in Dogpatch at the Little Boxes Theater, and to be clear this is not clothing-optional. This is mandatory nudity, and there will be media/video recording happening so you're advised, "Wear a mask or face-paint if shy."

Update: A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the SFPD prohibiting them from interfering with Saturday's nude-in, following the department's refusal to issue a parade permit for the gathering. The nudists just sent out a release:

Today a federal district judge ordered the City and County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Police Department to issue a parade permit to George Davis, Gypsy Taub, and a group of other urban nudists. Davis and Taub are currently in litigation with the City over whether San Francisco’ nudity ban can be enforced against individual engaged in political demonstration supporting body freedom and condemning the recently enacted ban.
This separate skirmish involved the SFPD’s refusal to grant a parade permit to the nude activist. This is critical because permitted parades are exempt from the nudity ban. But the SFPD stated that the group of 50 to 100 activists did not qualify as a parade and they must therefore walk on the sidewalk without a permit, and without the protection of the permit exemption to the ordinance. District Judge Seeborg found that the ordinance failed to offer any guidelines on the number of people required for a parade and therefore the ordinance gave the SFPD too much discretion making the provision unconstitutional.

Nudist Activists Claim Victory, Get $20K In Settlement With City Over Citations