Hey, what are you up to for the next hour and seven minutes? Want to watch Mayor Ed Lee face the San Francisco Chronicle's editorial board? Then do I have a video for you!

The incumbent mayor visited SF's paper of record yesterday, and you can watch that whole visit below.

I haven't made it through the whole thing yet this morning, but I've had it on in the background as I've worked, and have heard him discuss housing issues (as in, “I know we have a crisis"), Proposition K (“It’s not economically feasible") and the Twitter tax break ("I am never going to be apologetic for the tax break we have for Mid-Market").

Unasked, and unanswered: Anything about the ridiculous amount of money being spent by his unopposed campaign, including a $118,000 website. (Not a typo! Check out SF Weekly's provocative report on the Lee campaign's whiffy spending here.)

Anyway, here's the entire interview. Please drop your favorite quotable quotes (with a general time notation, if you can) in the comments!